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Skimmo ® Model 14B

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• Compact size, just 14”W, X 19”h X 10”D • Extracts Minimum of 4 (gph) of oil at 180° degrees F solution temperature-even More at Lower Temperatures • Extracted Oil Up to 99% Water-Reusable After Reprocessing • Capable of Removing Different Types of Oil and Grease. • Automatic Operation • Suitable for Highly Corrosive Solutions-Parts in Contact with the Solution are Stainless Steel and Teflon • Reduces Frequency of Tank Cleaning • Rapid Return on Investment • 2 Year Warranty on Materials and Workmanship-1 Year warranty on Electric Motor and Gear Box.

Containment Tank Size:
14” W X 19”H X 10”D
Drum Length:
Drum Type:
304 S.S.
¼ HP 230 (*1) -460 3PH
60 Hz TEFC
Doctor Blade:
Teflon UHMW
Unit Weight:
93 LBS.
Machine Tool Gray Enamel

*(1) Special Voltages Available at an Additional Charge *(2) Phenolic Doctor Blade Available on Request
Available Options

• Unit available in 100% 304 or 316 Stainless Steel at an Additional Charge • Optional Liquid Level Control Available at an Additional Charge • Single Phase 380V and 575V Motors • Engineered Systems Available

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