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Experts in Separation & Process Equipment. Worldwide
Hudson Industries, Inc.
Engineered designs are our specialty. Through the use of cutting-edge design software, we are able to match our talents with your most urgent technological needs. From concept to construction, in the areas of oil/water separation and process equipment, our products are designed with skill and integrity. Our standard of excellence shows in our engineering.
Engineered Oil/Water Separation Products
API Separator
CPI-Corrugated Plate Interceptor
IGF Atmospheric Aspirated
IGF Atmospheric Rotor
IGF Pressurized Aspirated
IGF Pressurized Rotor
TPS (Two/Three Phase Separation) Units
Engineered Process Products
Chemical Injection/Feed Skids
Deep Bed/Mixed Media Filtration
Deionization Systems
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Engineered Control Systems
Explosion Proof Control Systems
Non-Explosion Proof Control Systems
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